Refresh me iv is Massachusetts based company owned by two nurses. We are here to hydrate you whether you just completed a TRIATHLON or Just partied too hard last night! We are not here to judge, just Here to help you feel better! we offer a variety of infusion and supportive care options to help you get on with your day without dehydration getting you down!

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Kim Kostas, RN

Kim is co-founder and partner of Refresh Me IV. Kim has over a decade of experience as a nurse in various fields, but has worked the majority of her career and is certified in Pediatric Emergency Room Nursing. She enjoys helping others feel better and has mastered the skill of IV insertion! Kim is a mom who has participated in several extreme fitness events as well as some extremely fun nights out, and understands the need to feel better fast! Kim is grateful to have a job that allows her to combine her personal interests with her passion for nursing and helping others.


Amanda White, RN

Amanda is co-founder and partner of ReFresh Me IV. She is registered nurse with over 17 years in the medical field, who is passionate about working hard and playing hard. Having done over 20 obstacle races, numerous road races, and 2 full marathons, saying she is enthusiastic about fitness is an understatement. With a Master’s degree in business Amanda is also passionate about entrepreneurship, and what better way to bring two passions together then to start a business which makes people feel good!!

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